I spent my early childhood here, on green hills overlooking beautiful sandy beaches and deep Blue Ocean.
If i have learned one thing it is that the secret of success is hidden in the ability to find an opportunity in every obstacle, to find the potential in a challenging situation and turn it into a great adventure.

To find a few moments of peace where one is able to hear the clear sound of their internal voice.
I could always find it in our family home. These surroundings secretly carry the long history and fascinating legends of my family.
Simple, but extraordinary people occupied our home.

I decided to take this dear family heritage and turn it into a new boutique vacation shelter.
A place where the noise of the world would simply disappear, where one can find some peace of mind.
It was very important to keep the energy and the atmosphere of that innocent place, with its breathtaking location, but at the same time very important to make it the most comfortable and convenient place for all its future visitor's.

During the renovation process I kept asking myself what would make it the perfect place for your next vacation.
Would it be the cozy bedrooms? The well equipped kitchen? Or is it the wide living room with the big comfortable dining table?
I hope that you will love the result, and find my house the ideal place for you and your family to be able to regenerate and relax before going back fully charged and with a bunch of wonderful new memories.

I wish you all a worm stay. (Don't forget to listen to the waves at night...)
Welcome home,

Isabel Artemis